CISCO Networking III & IV
Prerequisite: Complete Cisco Networking I & II with a 70% or better
Credit: 1.5
Grade Level: 12

Course provides concurrent credit opportunities with Hutchinson Community College

The Cisco Networking Academy Program provides in-depth and meaningful networking content. The curriculum integrates networking instruction into the classroom with hands on experiences. This curriculum covers several concepts: OSI model, Router commands and operating systems, LAN switching, VLANDs, LAN design, IGRP routing protocols, Access Controls Lists, Novell IP X, WAN Design, Point to Point protocols, ISDN, Frame Relay, and Network Management. Students must pass all exams in parts I, II, III, and IV with a 70% or better to take the Cisco Certified Networking Associate (CCNA) exam. This certification is in high demand and will give students excellent employment opportunities. This course is designed in part to prepare students for admission to a university and can be taken for college credit.