Independent Living
Prerequisite: None
Credit: .5
Grade Level: 10-12

Students will learn to apply knowledge of consumer skills when making choices about living on their own. Topics include: learning about consumerism, finding and keeping a job, finding an affordable place to live, examining pay and benefits and banking issues. Students will go in-depth with the job-hunting process. Using the Kansas Career Pipeline, students will complete interest inventories and discover careers that reflect their strengths. From there, they will research a careeroftheirchoice. Otherskillstobedevelopedincludefillingoutjobapplicationsand participating in a mock interview. Finding affordable housing and managing a budget will be thenext unit of study with an in-depth checkbook activity (write checks, record them in a register and balance the account each month). A unit on communication skills will help students develop appropriate responses for a variety of situations. Guest speakers are a highlight in this class.