Machine Technology I & II
Prerequisite: Application
Credit: 3
Grade Level: 11-12

Each course carries 16 credit hours toward Hutchinson Community College degree The class meets three hours daily. The student receives instruction in the use of metal turning lathes, milling machines, grinding machines, computer numerical control and reading of precision instruments used in industry. The course is intended to teach basic skills in the use of industrial machines so that a student would be qualified to meet the requirements for employment with the Machining or Engineering careers. Good background courses include: Math, Drafting, Welding, and Introduction to Machine Technology. Machine Technology I indicates the first year in the program. Machine Technology II indicates the second year in the program. This is a three-hour course and carries three units of credit for high school students but will transfer 32 credit hours to Hutchinson Community College should the student desire to pursue an AAS degree in Machine Technology.