Career Development
HCTEA Students have the unique opportunity of taking part in hands-on, experiential learning while a studying in a career-technical education program.

Students are able to explore their entrepreneurial spirit while gaining valuable experience through hands-on and real world experiences. These experiences, whether through on the job training, job shadowing, mentoring, or field trips give students a distinct advantage when entering post-secondary training opportunities or the work force.

Here's how:

Career Placement (Students are encouraged to make an appointment in the Career Resource Center to meet one-on-one with a Career Development Facilitator. Kent Blessing runs the Career Resource Center and can be reached at 620-615-4184 or via email at

Professional Learning Experiences (Students can gain valuable work experiences while enrolled at HCTEA. Whether through internships or job shadowing experiences, students can participate in actual work place activities. Participation is conducted on a student to student basis through their perspective pathways.)

Business, Industry, & Labor Partnerships (Partners from business, industry, and labor are actively involved in programs in many ways. They guide curriculum development, provide classroom demonstrations, judge local skill events, provide internship sites for students, and serve as mentors.)


HCTEA students are involved in experiential learning while in their career-technical program labs. Here are some quick highlights:
  • Students in Automotive Technology work in an classroom and lab environment created to mimic business & industry.
  • Students in our Construction Trades Programs work on building a home each year from scratch at an off-campus site. 
  • Students in HCTEA’s Pre-Teaching program are given the opportunities to gain actual classroom experience, working with students at various levels throughout the school district.
  • Commercial Construction students build office spaces that meet NCCER standards in the classroom laboratory using industry standard equipment and tools.
  • Students in Aerospace Engineering take field trips to fly with their instructor.
  • Students in Automotive Programs have the chance to work on real cars in various ways.
  • Students can work on their own vehicles or a vehicle of a school district employee.
  • Students in our Health Science programs complete clinical practices in a lab setting on campus before participating in clinical at facilities in the community.
  • EMT students conduct real world scenarios on campus and at the EMT training facility through Hutchinson Community College.
  • Students in Automotive Collision Repair work and get repetitions in a state of the art paint booth in the lab at HCTEA.
  • Students in Welding and Machine Technology use state-of-the-art equipment in our labs and gain valuable experiences working with business and industry.
  • Students in Culinary Arts work with the public and host events at HCTEA providing catered meals and snacks.
  • Students in Marketing and Entrepreneurship work in an actual coffee shop created and operated by students at HCTEA.